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Frog Pond Farm

About Us

Veteran Owned

Proud Member of:

  • The New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation 
  • Farmer Veteran Coalition
  • Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire

Our Offerings

  • Organic free range chicken eggs
  • Locally made organic honey
  • (Coming soon) Locally grown organic mushrooms; Shiitake and Lions Mane
  • (Temporarily unavailable) Fresh dairy, both cows and goats

  • We are a small, diversified family farm with deep roots in the North Hampton, New Hampshire community.

  • Open by appointment only. Please feel free to contact us to set one up! (Text, voice or email.)

What Makes Us Successful?

A single farm logo

We streamlined our logo to one that represents us best. You may find it on any product that leaves this farm!  Sure an outline of a cow/goat silhouette on eggs and honey may seem unorthodox, but so are we. Our logo should be as consistent as our commitment to quality.

We've secured communication

We’ve established an understanding with the cows and goats. The sounding of this 1920’s repurposed boxing bell means treats are available in the barn. This helps us bring them back from the field if visitors stop by to say hi.

Livestock enrichment

Throughout the free access barn area, which the cows and goats openly go from field to rest, we have scratching posts and pads.  Some even put a little something on to keep those pesky flies away during the warmer months.  Combined with our fly predator program our animals can just enjoy life and eat, rest and play!

Our mascot

Frau has been with us before we were even a farm!  She likes her heat lamp and lets us worry about the outside work.

We believe in sharing with our community

During the school months we donate most of our eggs to this important cause. We don't always have many eggs to offer our visitors during the school year, but we will point you in the right direction to other local farms that do.

It's not all work

Watching the girls relaxing, chewing their cud reminds us to slow down and marvel at the beauty that is Frog Pond Farm.

Our Favorite Video!

Rosie being a bad roommate. That's Gertie's hay bin she's scratching on!

  • Please click the green YouTube button below to see all our videos from the farm! We try to add more every week; enjoy!

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Frog Pond Farm

2 Beau Monde Drive, North Hampton, NH 03862, US

(603) 417 4810


Open by appointment only. Please feel free to contact us, (text, voice or email) to set one up!